England vs South Africa

The match, which was expected to be a revenge for England at Rugby, where the English had already beaten south Africa on two previous occasions 

But the South African team managed to win the title of world champion, at the expense of its English counterpart, with all merit and merit 

Where the South African team played a very wonderful match, in terms of performance and even the result 

The South African team showed great fighting spirit and a desire to win from the start. The team appeared in its usual face in such matches, and its usual discipline, and dominated almost all the events of the meeting. He made an unforgettable match, will remain firmly entrenched in the hearts of his fans 

Especially as it came in front of the English team, the title seeker and the revenge at the same time

The match ended 32-13 in favour of South Africa 

The first half ended 9-6, and the goals were annihilated and every time the South African team scored, the English counterpart equalled the score. But in the second half the game changed, after the 60th minute and the South African team took the game to the end 

The South African team won its third title, having eliminated the previous two titleholders and then the English team on home soil and the candidate for the title

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