Summary of La Liga Spanish 

The 12th round of la Liga witnessed exciting and distinctive events, especially at the top of the standings, among the top leagues 

Barça received a terrible defeat at the hands of hosts Levante with three goals to one, and Messi scored the first goal from a penalty kick, in the first half 

In the second half Levante adjusted the score after a fatal error from defender Becky, and it was only minutes to add the second and third goal, respectively. And thus turn the table on the Barcelona team, after the game seemed relatively easy 

As for Atlético Madrid and Sevilla, they missed an important opportunity after their draw at Sevilla, in the summit match of this round, with a goal each, in a match that saw a great club and a struggle to win, and certainly the result did not serve either of them, especially after the sudden defeat of Barcelona 

The biggest loser was Real Madrid, who had overcored the match, on the field, against the stubborn Betis, who are going through a difficult period these days 

Real Madrid lost a golden opportunity, to take the lead alone by two points from their eternal rival Barcelona, which was lost in the last round, to share it with rival Barcelona with 22 points each. In a great disappointment to all the top clubs that none of them benefited, especially as it is the week of the Champions League matches 

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