Premier League

Perhaps the most important thing about the tour, on its first day, 23 November 2019. It is the first win for coach Jose Mourinho, with his new team Tottenham, three goals against two, for Wesham United 

It is a very important win especially for coach Jose Mourinho, as he returns to the atmosphere of the Premier League, which he left through the narrow door when he was coach of Manchester United, after the negative results in which the team and the coach in particular were floundering. Mourinho spent a one-year break, then returned to chart his new course with Tottenham, waiting for the rest of the rounds 

Liverpool beat Christian Palace, 2-0, to remain in the top of the standings, having been late in the result, reversing the result in his favour 

                                                                   As arsenal draw

                                                                                             Arsenal also drew 2-0 with Southampton 

At the top of the tour that brought Manchester City to Chelsea, City beat Chelsea 2-1

Where Chelsea scored the first goal in the 21st minute, then the Manchester City team        equalized the score in the 29th minute, by kevin deBruyne,      

It is the result that ended the first half, and in the second half the player Riyad Mahrez managed to score the winning goal, and that changed the 37th minute, and with this result the game ended, where the team City increased the score to 28 points. One point behind Leicester City. The latter scored an important 2-0 victory  


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