The possibility of postponing the Classico and Barça in the lead

After the loss to Real Tonight against Mallorca, and barcelona's victory with a clean triple of scoring, Glenzmann and Messi, and Soares, Barcelona took the lead, and Barcelona have not climbed to this position since the beginning of the season

So Real lose the lead before the Clásico, which may be postponed, and the official decision on Monday to broadcast in the final decision, after the two teams refused to play the match at the Bernabéu,

The decision comes as protests and demonstrations in the region of Catalonia, and fears of insecurity, slogans and political chants, which accompany the Clásico as usual

With this change in the order of the Spanish League, the events taking place in the region of Catalonia, and the possibility of changing the timing of the Clásico, football fans in general and lovers of la Liga in particular are waiting for a very enthusiastic match, if not fateful at least in the period of going

One of the reasons why Real madrid does not agree to make the Clásico go at the Bernabéu, that he is betting heavily on the Second Leg Clásico, scheduled to be conducted at the Bernabéu

.The Clásico return match is very important in terms of the title for both teams 

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