Spying on The WhatsApp

Is WhatsApp safe? Or do the secrets of its users no longer have the necessary privacy. And why the latest means of communication, for espionage and piracy, is harmful to the reputation of the app 

In light of these events, Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, announced the prosecution of the Israeli technology company Nso, accusing it of spying on whatsapp users 

This application is considered one of the most popular and widely used applications by social media pioneers around the world, of course under the cover of total privacy for all users around the world. Whatever the circumstances and the reasons 

This is one of the necessary and intuitive conditions for all users of such applications 

Facebook, the Israeli company, has been accused of spying on WhatsApp users by tucking secret apps that help hack, spy, in the said area 

These hacks touched about twenty countries, including the UAE and Bahrain, not to mention other countries, where the same thing happens, and this is very serious 

The abuses included the accounts of journalists, political activists, human rights activists and political opponents, not to mention some citizens here and there 

This would raise more than one question, especially among WhatsApp users, who prefer it from other communication applications 

Is the individual afraid for his secrets and peculiarities, even on his family members, from such excesses, especially since many of them sit for hours in front of these means, to entertain himself, or to bring him closer to him and him, his loved ones 

This dangerous and unique transgression is a new era, must be stood against by all means and stopped immediately, and restore the prestige and credibility of Facebook  

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