Planet Earth is in danger                        

The world has been repeating this phrase for many years and for a long time, but without a real explanation of this problem, without specifying its causes and what it is   

Today, with the development of communication, and the power of social communication among people, it has become clear the seriousness of this subject and its reality, and the real reasons behind it, as nothing can be hidden on people, in light of the great development that the world is witnessing 

This is the fact that the world's most advanced and productive countries hide, because they are directly accused of the causes of the demise of the planet Earth, home to billions of humans, the only place suitable for life in the whole galaxy, or the whole universe according to the latest studies 

What faces the Earth is not an invasion by aliens, or the collision of a large meteor approaching the Earth, as it promotes 

The danger is greater than that, the planet is in danger of disappearing from the part of its native sons, especially the industrialized countries, and the proof of this is explained at the meeting held last September, between the major countries, led by Germany and China, and the President of the United States of America, and in this meeting was addressed For several points, the most important of which is to develop a plan to stop the corruption of nature and the drain of its natural elements

But on the ground without concrete results or clear decisions to stop this disaster, the warming of the earth was recorded by one degree Celsius, causing the sea level to rise to 12 centimeters, in the last year, and perhaps the many floods and natural disasters recorded in the summer are the best evidence of this, fires to touch the most important forests of the earth, notably the Amazon, the most important source of oxygen that contributes to ridthed the planet of contaminated toxins and gases, and 

Not to mention the contrived wars in several regions of the year, and their disastrous consequences for both humans and nature, because wars never came well for the Earth, 

At this meeting, Germany promised to find a coal alternative, which it uses to produce energy, by 2030, a long time for a dying planet 

Because one of the most important causes of global warming, and the damage to the planet, is the heavy industry primarily, perhaps the most recent of which is the iron and steel industry, the most dangerous of which is the nuclear and chemical industry, i.e. the rider towards armaments under any justification 

Australia's most important cities have been known for protests and public demonstrations, denouncing silence and obfuscation to hide the reality of the danger facing the planet, the need to inform the people of the world of this hidden truth, and to seek quick solutions to save the planet 

Of course, these protests were rejected, dispersed and temporary arrests, and there was no clear government response 

The question arises whether the safety of the planet means only the Australian people, or whether the rest of the earth's population does not know the truth, or is it hidden from public opinion 

Are there solutions to the problem, or is it the imminent end of the planet 

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