Paris Saint-Germain devour  Marseille

Defeat like earthquake shook Marseille at Princes Park, The Stade saint-Germain, within the French derby, which promised a lot but did not give the fans a match in the level of fame of this French derby 

The defeat was heavy against Marseille, with four goals without reply, all coming in the first half 

The difference between the two teams was clear, the differences in the level were great, and the differences were clear individually and collectively, and Marseille did not provide what was expected of them. Except for some modest attempts, and very few, as he seemed collapsed and surrendering, unable to keep up with his Parisian rival, who created and persuaded, with a great performance and a proper format 

Icardi scored the first and second goals, in the 10th and 26th minutes, respectively, followed by Clean Mbappe with goals in the 32nd and 39th minutes, respectively. From the first half 

Then the second half continued in a less-than-first format, until the end of the game, in a full member of Marseille  

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