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A resounding defeat for Real Madrid at princes park stadium against Paris Saint-Germain, who showed great ferocity in the game 
Real Madrid fell with a clean triple in the first european Champions League match of the 2019-2020 season and real appeared with a lacklustre performance, showing clear surrender despite some missed opportunities from Karim Ben Zima on the one hand and The Wallabies' Gareth Bale on the other. Despite the arrival of Genisus Junior and Yuccovic, the performance has not changed despite the presence of Eden Hazar, who is very much in the offing this season 
The Parisian team managed to score two goals in the first half through the Argentine player Di María with a strong performance, effective and clear realism and the work of the entire team taking advantage of the laxity shown by Real, despite the absences that entered the Parisian team in the attacking line Mbappe due to injury and Neymar On the grounds of punishment 
And the Parisian team managed to add the third goal in the time of the lost allowance of the game taking advantage of a counter attack under the progress of the entire elements real 
The Parisian coach showed his happiness with the performance and the result and said that his team was a great danger on the goal of real throughout the game and made many chances and that the win was desirable 

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